Pre Sale / Pre Purchase Disclaimer

Terms 'Us', 'Taranaki Giftware', 'Business' refers to Savarna Holdings Limited Trading as Taranaki Giftware. 'You', 'Customer', 'Purchaser' refers to the party viewing and/or agreeing to these terms and conditions. 
From time to time, we may offer pre-sale items via our website. Each pre sale item will have an "expected delivery date" stipulated. This date is only an estimation based on information provided to us by our small team of carvers. This date does not take into account matters outside of our control such as shipping delays, covid-19 restrictions, customs queries, material availability or natural disasters. 
By agreeing to these terms, you understand that the pre-purchased item will be received as and when it is ready; within 3 months of the purchase date. You agree that Taranaki Giftware is not liable to refund any part of the payment received on the basis that you, the customer, failed to view these terms and conditions. 
If the item is not received within 90 days of purchase, Taranaki Giftware will refund the full amount if it has not yet been dispatched to the customers address.