Bone Double Manaia

Bone Double Manaia

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Size (mm):132 W x 37 H. 
Supplied on a braided cord with slip knots.


The new age understanding of the manaia is that it represents the balance between the sky, the earth and the sea. Its design is based on birds, which are seen as vehicles for the souls of the dead as they travel to the afterlife. Birds were so valued by Maori that their cries were listened to and their movements watched with care. As a result, all manaia serve as guardians and givers of omens. To wear one can protect from evil and connect the wearer with the souls of the dead. They are usually depicted in profile, and some feel this is because the manaia is half in the spiritual world and half in this world.

Each piece is individually carved so slight variations can occur.
Your bone carving is made of highly polished bone. This is a porous material and over time absorbs oils from your skin turning to a soft honey gold colour wherever it has been in contact with your skin. This is normal and one of the great beauties of bone crafted jewellery.
A bone carving not only looks good but it also feels nice to touch. Handling the carving will not only keep it nicely polished but will also allow your body oils to enter the carving making it a part of you. The Maori people believe it also takes on the spirit of all those who wear it so the more colour it develops the more highly it is treasured.

  • Be careful not to spill other coloured liquids onto the carving such as red wines etc as these will also be absorbed into the carving.
  • Though bone is a very hard material it can also be brittle and will break if dropped or connects with other hard surfaces.
  • Check the condition of the cord often.
  • Never use household cleaning or polishing compounds on your carving.
  • Its recommended that you remove the bone carving when swimming, showering or bathing. These activities can cause irreparable damage.

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